FJB Visuals – The Importance of Wedding Videography

Jo Nunney,
24 March 2021

Most of us factor a photographer into the wedding budget from the very start, but ponder over whether or not we should hire a wedding videographer to capture our perfect day. Frankie from FJB Visuals is going to help answer that should-we-shouldn’t-we question once and for all. She’d also like to tell you a little more about her lovely business:


Meet Frankie


“I’m Frankie and I’m a Bath based videographer. I’m from Cheshire originally and so attend a lot of weddings in both areas – I’m happy to travel anywhere! I’ve recently become a first time homeowner with my boyfriend and we hope to very soon become pet parents! I also have a background and education in filmmaking, photography and events, and to put it simply, just love weddings!”

Newly Weds Kiss In Car

Why Should Couples Prioritise A Videographer?


“A wedding videographer is something which lots of people would love to have at their wedding but can be one of the first to go when budgets are tight. Although it is an added expense, a video really gives you that opportunity to relive your day that you just can’t get from photos.”

“It is a well known fact that your wedding day goes by so quickly, but having it captured on film means you get to experience it time and time again, reliving every emotion and seeing moments you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. It also gives you something to share with those who couldn’t make it, meaning they get to experience your day wherever they are.”

“I regularly get told by couples, friends and family that getting a videographer was the best decision they made and that they love getting to watch their day over and over again.”

“I include a video of the ceremony in full as standard so that you can revisit every second of becoming a married couple as well as having a highlights video to cover the little and big moments from across the day. A video really is the perfect keepsake, capturing your wedding day memories forever.”



What Inspired You To Start FBJ Visuals?


“I have always had a real passion for film and photography and capturing memories, loving to make scrapbooks and video reels of my travels. I had always planned to set up my own business and kept saying it was my dream for the future until my dad said ‘well why don’t you just do it now?’ So, I did! Starting my own wedding videography business combined so much of what I loved and I feel honoured to get to be a part of so many people’s happy memories.”

Couple lean into a passionate kiss

Why Do You Love Filming Weddings?


“The day itself is always wonderful but my favourite part of the process is the editing and seeing the video come together. I love accompanying couples and their photographers for the couple shoot, where newly-weds get a bit of breathing space and a chance to just be together. I often find there are lots of lovely moments between the two of them in between having their photos taken, that I just love.”


How Do You Describe Your Videography Style?


“I would describe my style as unobtrusive, authentic and relaxed. I’m what is known as a documentary videographer, preferring candid and natural moments. I like to take a bit of a step back and blend into the background as much as possible to really tell the story of your day.”



How Long Does It Take For Couples To Receive Their Wedding Videos?


“I get asked this lots and here’s what I say to my couples: Editing is by far what takes the most time and I like to ensure a high quality finish to all my videos. I will keep you updated and let you know an approximate schedule for your wedding so you know what to expect but on average it takes between 6-8 weeks to receive your USB in the post. All of my packages include multiple videos with a short teaser video sent out about a week after your big day to share with friends and family. I then aim to email you a copy of your highlights video around 4-5 weeks after your wedding for you to check over, making sure you’re happy before applying those finishing touches and you receive the finished product complete in a handmade box.”



Camera Shyness – Can You Help?


“The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel uncomfortable and that’s why I like to get to know my couples before the day. My style is very relaxed so I would never ask anyone to repeat something or act for the camera, I capture things as they happen without getting in anyone’s face. You should also know that I often get told that they didn’t even notice I was there – which I like to take as a compliment! Honestly, when the day comes, couples are always having such a good time that they do genuinely forget all about the camera.”



What’s The Best Detail You’ve Spotted At A Wedding?


“I absolutely love seeing all the ways that couples make their day individual to them. From personalised table names highlighting significant dates in their relationship and date night suggestions instead of guest books to inflatable assault courses and mechanical bulls, I’ve seen a wide range of individuality over the years. Out of all these personal touches my absolute favourite so far was the giant jenga guest book! They gave a block to each guest to write a message and then later that night played a game. By the time it toppled over it was honestly around 9ft tall!”



What’s Your Top Tip For Newly Engaged Couples?


“I would highly advise that you book in some time for a quick sunset walk just the two of you (or four of you if you include your videographer and photographer of course!). The day goes so fast so taking time away can be such a nice way to take it all in and have a moment to yourselves. That golden hour glow also makes for beautiful footage and photos, definitely my favourite kind of light!”


The content of this blog was provided by Frankie from FJB Visuals. Thank you so much Frankie, for some great advice on why videography should earn it’s place in the wedding budget. If you think FJB visuals might be the videographers for you then check out their full profile and find out more here!