Wedding Planners – Your Questions Answered

Jo Nunney,
24 August 2021

Got questions about hiring a wedding planner? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help! We’re going to answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about wedding planners: from the rather obvious “how much will it cost?” to the very important “will they take over the show?”

There are loads of reasons why you should consider hiring your very own wedding whizz (click here for our top 12), and great wedding planners can be worth their weight in gold…or at least pay for themselves in time and financial savings! Let’s get your questions answered and help you decide if hiring in some super-wedding-charged wisdom of your own is the way forward in planning your perfect day.

happy wedding planner poses with wedding staffImage with thanks to Dale Alexander – Cheshire based Wedding Planner

1. Are Wedding Planners Are Expensive?


The movies portray wedding planners as the stuffy staff of the rich and famous, but that’s not the case at all. If you’ve automatically assumed that hiring your very own wedding genie is a luxury you can’t afford then it’s definitely worth doing a little research before you rule the idea out.

Maybe because none of your friends and family hired a planner you’ve assumed that they’ve already done the homework for you, and planners must in fact cost a gazillion pounds. They actually don’t.

Wedding planners offer all sorts of bespoke services and packages and can be extremely affordable. In many cases, a great wedding planner can pay for themselves or even save you money! It’s true!

Typically, a wedding planner will cost around 10 to 15% of your wedding budget for a comprehensive bells-and-whistles style service, or upwards of £700 for standalone services like on the day support. Some suppliers will even get you started with your venue search free of charge so you can decide if you get along well enough to secure them for a little more hand holding.

stunning wedding layout from wedding plannerImage with thanks to Busy Brides – London based Wedding Planner

2. Will A Wedding Planner Take Over My Wedding Plans?


Wedding planners work supper closely with couples and they love it! It’s a very demanding job but they do it because they adore making your dreams become reality.

What’s not to love about the buzz and excitement of trying on stunning wedding dresses, frequenting wedding fayres, sampling fizzy drinks and cake, creating mood boards. Why on Earth would anyone pay somebody else to do all that fun stuff!?

Professional wedding planners are often dismissed before they are even discussed because we want to do all this wonderful stuff ourselves. Great news! You can have your wedding cake and eat it by hiring a planner who will let you take on as much or as little of the planning as you like. Planning your wedding always starts out fun and sparkly, but it is true that for some of us it can become too timely, sometimes stressful, and even a little overwhelming. With a wedding planner by your side, wedding plans never lose that sparkle. Plus, you can decide to pass over the less glittery tasks of negotiating fees or problem-solving.

Does the term ‘wedding planner’ makes your brain may leap to the fabulous Franc from the classic film, Father of The Bride? Franc’s great, don’t get us wrong, but real-life wedding planners aren’t like that! (If you don’t know the film – now’s the time to watch this one). There’s still a smidgen of a stigma around wedding planners that they will preach a little too much, or push their ideas onto you, but this is honestly outdated.


3. What Does A Wedding Planner Do?


The level of support a wedding supplier can offer is entirely up to you. Most planners will suggest popular packages, but will usually be happy to tailor these to suit you. Wedding planners offer everything from wedding venue finding services to on the day support, plus everything else in between. They can take your vision and your budget and present options and ideas, or help out once you’ve almost everything in place to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. They can liaise with guests and suppliers on the day itself to make sure everything runs smoothly.
 wedding planner attending to table centrepiecesImage with thanks to Busy Brides – London based Wedding Planner

4. What Does A Standard Wedding Planner Service Include?


There are lots of different planning packages available, and most wedding planners will offer bespoke packages too. Typical wedding planner services will begin with support finding your wedding venue, they’ll assist with creative planning and mood boards, design room layouts and table plans and take charge of managing your budget. Wedding planners will create minute by minute schedules, oversee your venue set up and clear down, and be there on the day coordinating everything and everyone! They may help with your wedding stationery production and administration, and you should expect regular meetings for decision-making.

A luxury wedding planner package may go that bit further and offer support such as arranging guest accommodation, planning destination weddings, arranging rehearsal dinner plans, your hen and stag parties, or even take care of your honeymoon plans!

Lots of wedding planners find themselves recruited mid-way through the wedding planning process and will help with sourcing remaining suppliers within budget, taking over logistics and on the day support.

Stunning white and gold wedding themeImage with thanks to Dale Alexander – Cheshire based Wedding Planner

5. What Does On The Day Support Mean?


On the day support can be secured as part of a comprehensive wedding planning service, or as a bit of a standalone. If you’re loving the planning but want to be able to ditch the to-do list on the day itself then this could be a great option for you. On the day wedding planner support is likely to include coordination of your suppliers, managing venue set up and overseeing your decor. You can expect them to greet and coordinate your wedding guests too, and they will likely offer toastmaster or concierge support too.


6. Is An Event Planner The Same As a Wedding Planner?


Nope. They aren’t the same thing at all. Lots of venues will offer the support of an events planner as part of their wedding venue package – which is great – but it’s not the same as hiring your own wedding planner. In these situations, an events coordinator, or events planner, is an employee of the venue. It’s their job to tie up as many logistical aspects of the day itself as they can, to help you experience the venue at its best, but also to help the venue survive an otherwise unpredictable influx of suppliers and equipment.


7. Do We Have To Have A Wedding Planner?


Wedding planners are wonderful but they are not the right choice for everyone. Some of the most exceptional weddings are planned by the couple themselves! You can absolutely do it alone – especially with our help! We can walk you through everything you need to know step by step and introduce you to all the right wedding suppliers, and all in the comfort of your living room (or at your desk at work…ssshhh…we won’t tell).


The internet is a wonderful thing and it means that planning your own wedding to absolute perfection is perfectly possible, even with limited time and budget. That said, wedding planners ROCK at what they do! Check out our top 12 reasons to hire in some extra help, and find out a little more about some of our trusted wedding planners near you.