What If It Rains On My Wedding Day?

Jo Nunney,
18 November 2021

If your heart is set on outdoor wedding venue, the chances are it’s because you’re outdoorsy at heart and a spot of rain wouldn’t usually phase you. Maybe you’re lusting after that earthy-country vibe or showstopper of a roof-top view, or maybe you just don’t want to feel too enclosed. There is something romantic and free about being at one with nature on your wedding day.

Now, about that nature malarkey. Even couples with primarily indoor wedding venues sweat the weather forecast in the run-up to their big day and curse the fact we can only see 14 days in advance (which, by the way, we completely agree is NOT good enough for wedding planning).

If you’re considering an outdoor venue then it’s completely understandable to feel the fear of the weather. “Please oh please don’t let it rain on my parade!”

The reality we need you to accept – even if it requires some deep breathing and yoga poses – is that there is diddly squat squared we can do if the heavens decide to open on your wedding day. Nothing. That needn’t be as grey as it sounds though, so long as you plan ahead a bit of rain cannot spoil your wedding day.


Is There A Bright Side To A Rainy Wedding Day?


Yeah, there really is! We cannot control the weather, but we can and will help you prepare you for it, and even enjoy it if it does rain on your wedding day. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding and weatherproofing is all part of the main plan, or you’re planning a summer wedding and just-in-case shelter is snuggled soundly into plan B, having a waterproof plan is non-negotiable for peace of mind.

 married couple kiss underneath umbrella
Image with thanks to Squire & Squire Photography – Warwickshire based Wedding Well photographer

Rain On Your Wedding Day Is Lucky!


Rain on your wedding day may initially scream unlucky, but it’s not, honestly! Rain on your wedding day is believed to be a sign of fertility and the cleansing away of past sins. If you’re at all superstitious then keep this lucky mantra in mind when you hear a guest mutter the dreaded words ‘it’s spitting’.


Rain on Your Wedding day Is Dramatic!


If you plan for the possibility of rain carefully it can result in an unmatchable romantic and dramatic atmosphere that money just can’t buy. Take an outdoor venue with huge luxury yurts and add in the background sound of rain bellowing down on the roof and guests laughing and dancing amongst the cosy log burners below. Magical. Hey, a storm would be even better! Your guests will remember an atmospheric celebration for years to come.


Rain Does Away with Pollen!


All that nasty airborne pollen can take a hike for the day. That poor little pickle sat in the corner – the one dosed up on antihistamines with her eyes streaming like she’s just watched Watership Down on loop – that guest will be very grateful for the rain!

tipi wedding day shelter from the rain
Image with thanks to Covered In Style Events – Cumbria based Wedding Well Tipi supplier

Outdoor Shelter Options Can Be Stunning


If you have all the shelter you need within your wedding venue, just chat to the team about their wet weather provisions: will the team keep the entrance floor dry to avoid slips, and tables away from draughty doorways? If guests need to get outside to smoke, where can they shelter? Do they have umbrellas available, or can they escort guests to and from their cars? Who will dash out and gather up the décor and signs from outside?

If you need to consider additional outdoor shelter as a bolt on to your indoor venue, or as your sole venue, you’re in the right decade! Gone are the days of yellowing old marquees with a cheap rep. Your options are now endless and stunning!

For a start, traditional marquees have had a serious facelift. Luxury is readily available with stunning marquees you can add fire pits and wishing wells too, or even bars and casinos, or tree-lined aisles and chandeliers! Check out all our amazing suppliers for ideas and inspiration.

Wedding tents and Yurts are the newcomers here, and oh wow we love them. A long list of options including domes, bell tents, tipis, yurts, shelters, pavilions, stretch tents and gazebos are up for grabs. The range of styles and capacities mean that you can actually design your own wedding villages to suit any number of guests. Nobody will be complaining about the rain when you invite them to snuggle up in these picture-perfect pitch ups.


Outdoor Shelter Is Never Wasted


If you are as lucky in weather as you are in love and the sun is beaming down on you all day long, your money will not have been wasted on an outdoor shelter option. No wind, no rain, no golfball-sized hailstone – your money remains very well spent as a shaded area for your guests.

A gazebo or tipi will play a prominent part in your day whatever the weather providing shelter from the sun, and not just the rain. On a hot day your guests are going to be super grateful for somewhere shaded to rest, especially older guests and families with little ones. By making your choice of outdoor cover a focus in itself, it will never go unloved. Set up the bar in there, or the guestbook table, maybe some comfy seating or the kids play corner.

cosy wedding yurt at night
Image with thanks to Island Yurts – Isle of Wight based Wedding Well Yurt supplier

Rainy Wedding Photos Are Amazing


It’s not all about the venue. Have you considered the photos? This is where a great wedding photographer will massively earn their keep! We choose our venues with the photo opportunities in mind, of course we do, so the thought of not being able to have the hay-bale shot, or the one with the lake in the background is heart wrenching. Good photographers will have a working lifetime of experience dealing with wet weather conditions and will know how to turn them into amazing photos.

Speak to your photographer in advance about images and shots you would like to achieve if it does rain. Think bright coloured wellies, hoiked up wedding dresses and quirky umbrella shots.

couple gaze lovingly on wedding day under brolly
Image with thanks to Sophie TC Photography – Gloucestershire based Wedding Well photographer

Wedding Brollies & Wellies Make Cool Props


Nothing springs to mind when we talk about rainy weddings more than brollies! They are essential, and they are a perfect way to add character and colour to a gloomy day. You can go classy and clear, white and wintery, bold and bright or heart-shaped and quirky. Perhaps you might decide to purchase a small bundle to cater for the wedding party and then share around if needed.

You could even factor in some wedding presents here by getting personalised brollies. There are some great companies who rent out bundles of brollies in case you should need them, and often offer a discount if they are returned dry and unused.

If you’re aiming for a festival themed wedding you might do well to suggest your guests all bring their wedding wellies. Even for a spring wedding where you aren’t planning on soggy shoes, have your wedding party tuck some away somewhere at the venue for you to wear should the tides turn. Be prepared to make the most of it and have some brilliant puddle-sploshing wedding photos taken.

rainy wedding day brolly photo
Image with thanks to Kim Shaw Photography – Shropshire based Wedding Well photographer

A Spot Of Rain Cannot Spoil A Party!


Your guests will take their lead from you. When the first pitter patters plop onto the pavement, all eyes will be on you with heads tilted sympathetically and assuming that you must be gutted. If you slink into sulk mode the day’s mood will soon follow. So, pull on your parka, swig another champers and smile – your guests will follow suit.

Spell it out to your guests that you do not want a bit of rain to spoil the party with signs and sentiments. Prepare some handmade signs or have some chalkboards at the ready inviting them to make the most of rainy weather. How about “Grab A Brolly, but Let’s Stay Jolly”, or “Grab a Towel & Dry Your Hair – Then Find a Blanket & Take a Chair”.


Be savvy and prepare for rain, but don’t see it as preparing for ‘the worst’, see it as preparing for a lucky downpour. Get those pink wellies ready and enjoy a splash in those puddles! How about a round of hot chocolates and marshmallows to warm up your guests? Mmmm, cosy thoughts.