12 Reasons To Get Married At Christmas [Romantic & Practical]

Jo Nunney,
23 November 2021

Crisp winter mornings, roaring fires, mulled wine and sparkle-infused celebrations.

The thought of romantic NOEL nuptials warms the cockles of our hearts. While many people are obsessed with summer, we think winter weddings are magical!

Here are 12 reasons why getting married at the most wonderful time of the year is worth thinking about:

  1. Tra-la-la-la-la… la-la-la-la!
  2. Everybody’s feeling jolly! It’s Christmas! The season of good will has infiltrated the hearts of all your guests (even mardy-bum Mark) and they’re all in a holiday-infused mood.

    Make the most of all that merriment and harvest it for your wedding celebrations.

    Christmas Wedding Fairy Lights

  3. Awesome Photos
  4. Stormy days and brollies make awesome photos!

    When mother nature is involved you need to demonstrate a little humour and embrace the drama and unpredictability of windy hair shots and splashed dresses. Prep with bright coloured wellies, cosy shrugs and quirky brollies.

  5. Winter Wonderland Venues
  6. There are some truly stunning winter venues out there that were born (well built) for Christmas weddings. Settings that even Santa would be proud of. Think frosty moats around majestic castles and historic buildings with huge open fires.

    Christmas Table Decor for Weddings

  7. Ready-Made Wedding Theme
  8. While a traditional festive theme isn’t obligatory for Christmas weddings, it is one that everybody loves. A lot of the thinking has been done for you. All you have to do is personalise and perfect an already sensational theme.

    Serve up a festive platter and embrace all things Christmas: sing carols at the service, served mulled wine and mince pies by open fires, wrap favours as tiny parcels, decorate with pinecones and holly and revel in red and gold sparkles. Oh, and don’t forget to hang some Mistletoe.

  9. Free Baubles!
  10. The décor is already in hand. Most venues are dressed to impress throughout December meaning you have one less thing – and quite a big thing at that – to worry about. Venues tend to go all out when it comes to festive décor, meaning you benefit from a serious wow factor that doesn’t have to come out of your budget. Winner, winner, turkey dinner!

    Winter Wedding Christmas Tree

  11. No Drizzle-Induced Disappointment
  12. A Christmas wedding will most likely not be a sunny day, but there’s comfort and peace of mind in knowing that from the start. Planning for a winter wedding is simpler than a summer wedding – no plan B is required – and there’s considerably less obsessing over that weather app.

  13. It’s Not Too Busy or Booked Up
  14. There’s less of a wait to get the venue that you want. December isn’t at the top of the list when it comes to popular wedding months. That’s just how it is. Which means more chance of getting your number one choice.

    Winter Wedding Bride and Groom

  15. Great Deals To Be Had
  16. Thanks to lower demand in December, there are great deals to be had with most suppliers – especially venues – when it comes to winter weddings.

  17. Late-Night Party (at 6pm)
  18. The drawing in of the nights is a common cause for complaint. Every year we’re astonished as it gets dark earlier and earlier, but at a Christmas wedding, the longer nights are a good thing: the evening kicks off earlier and your reception will feel like an endless party!

  19. Dodge Wedding-Season Overwhelm
  20. Wedding season can be a little strenuous on guests. When the summer calendar has a wedding stamped on every weekend, it can get a little tiresome towards the end (let’s be honest).

    Winter weddings tend to be fewer and farther between, so your guests will be in the party mood and excited for something a little different.

    Christmas Wedding Celebrations

  21. Your Reception Playlist Picks Itself
  22. However you feel about Christmas songs in day-to-day life, in the ideal environment (say a dance floor at 11pm when plenty of wine has been polished off), Noddy Holder bellowing “IIIIIITTTTT’SS CHRIIIISTMAAAAAAASSS” is guaranteed to get everybody dancing.

  23. RSVPs
  24. Summertime weddings can prove tricky when it comes to annual leave. Guests often book time off work for their own holidays, so further time off to attend weddings can be hard to get.

    Lots of people take annual leave around Christmas time anyway, and employers may even be closed for the holidays. Up your RSVP rate with a Christmas wedding.

Merry Planning!

Why not check out some gorgeous wedding venues and let your imagination run wild! If you need any advice or suggestions on planning your winter wedding, give our friendly team a shout.